Wooden Birdhouses & Bird-Feeders
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Handcrafted In Raleigh NC
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Judy's Wholesale Retail Crafts

Tools-and-Things.com and Judy's Wholesale Retail was started in 1991, but I was already doing furniture repair and woodworking from the early 1980s. We started selling our products from the back of our car and truck, then opened a store in the town where we lived selling all kinds of merchandise,we did shows, sold from our house and markets, in parking lots you name it"  I liked working with wood and my wife thought it would be great if we could sell the woodworks along with the other product we sold. We make and repair furniture both ,inside and outside most of the furniture is custom made or special ordered,also birdhouses, feeders and other outside yard and garden products. We are growing and always adding new product and services. We went online in 2002 and its getting better, we want to do our best to give you the best handcrafted woodworks offered  on and offline,


We are located in Raleigh NC and  you can contact us for more info or anything you need to know we try to answer all our calls but sometimes we do get busy and you may get a voice message but we will return your call with-in the hour.


Sa'dac and Judy Israel