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  The Benefits of Birding

So we know that people have this affinity to nature. We know what large categories of people are seeking this affinity through birding. Which begs the question, what things are there to do as a birder that can feed this biophilia?
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  Start Your Own Catering Business In Garner North Carolina.Part 1

A quick survey of successful caterers across the nation shows
that began with zero capital by working out of their homes. The
basic starting up investment would appear to be around $500, with
some big spenders capitalizing their idea with as much as $15,000
in order to get off to a fast start.

  Start Your Own Catering Business In Garner North Carolina.Part 2

Another gives each of his clients a stack of his business cards,
and tells them he’ll pay them $25 for each prospect they refer to
him. He tells them to write their name on the backs of the cards,
and to hand them out to their friends. And then, whenever a
person tells him that John or Jane suggested he call, and he
presents the card with John or Jane’s name on the back, this very
successful caterer sends John or Jane a $25 check.

  More People Are Getting News And Advertising On Local Online News Portals
Garner NC City Guide’s director, Sadac Israel came in as directory of news and content manager and over seeing other management duties has struggled with keeping freelance contractor staff on-board. Still growing garnernc-online.com being in the up-start business had it’s problems with the respect factor, a few businesses and offices would not grant our writers interviews for some reason, and "I would guess" credibility being that we had no track record. Now with garnernc-online.com attracting so much attention with free ads, free blog, free business listings and a free place for citizens and businesses alike to write about their products and services and have it online live in an instance, I guess that respect come ’s with popularity.
  Handmade crafts are the ultimate customized holiday decor
So how do you decide what handmade decorations will enhance your home’s holiday décor? Margaret Skinner, director of customer education of Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores offers a few pointers:
  How to Reduce Anxiety When Replacing Doors and Windows

Upon completion, the replacement team should clean your new windows and doors, vacuum the work area and haul your old windows and doors away.
* The installation team leader should demonstrate the operation and care of your new windows and doors, review your warranty, give you an owner’s manual and answer final questions.

  What Kind Of Crafts Are You Hand-Crafting?

I do mostly woodworking but by talking with others I think most crafter got a little woodworking in them also, I got an e-mail from a local (Garner NC) crafter 2 weeks ago and she want to know if I could build her a display rack for her quilts and blankets,

  Make a Dramatic Home Improvement with a Small Budget
When it’s time to start shopping for fixtures, you don’t need to spend a lot of time running from lighting store to lighting store. To get an idea of the latest looks available, just log on to www.lightingshowplace.com, and you’ll have access to an online catalog with hundreds of fixtures to choose from. You can shop by brand, collection of style and once you find a look you like, the site makes it easy for you to pair up matching
  The Power of Paint Goes Far Beyond the Walls
Next, look at the furniture in your living areas. Often, homeowners find refinishing scuffed or worn wooden furniture is too laborious. Painting it, however, can be much simpler, and can create a big impact on a room’s feeling of freshness. Painter’s Pyramids are sturdy enough to hold large pieces of furniture while allowing easy access to the bottom edges of the furniture
Because Bev now handles the business herself, she advises taking
it “one step at a time.” She would like to teach people to gain
self-esteem from their work and says she feels it is important
for people not to underprice or undersell themselves.
“Otherwise,” she says, “they could just go get a job!” Because
people are always buying. Bev remarks that the business is
becoming more competitive. But she sees this as a good sign, one
that breeds well-made designs, those made using good, non-toxic
glues which are made to last. But don’t be afraid to develop a
niche, since every bracelet and necklace will be different by
virtue of the material. “This is fun,” enthuse Bev. “Buttons are
really unusual and unique, and it feels good to make these
Perhaps 9 out of 10 giants of the industry started in exactly this way, and so can you. After you’ve gotten your feet wet, jump into the big time, the “junk automobile” business. This is the best source of scrap metals. It requires a pretty good investment for equipment, such as tow truck, mobile crusher, and a yard to store cars to do the crushing.
  The Power Of Local Targeted Key Word Advertising In Garner NC
Online advertising is growing about 20 to 30% each year and that to most of small business owners is good news. Another indicator that online advertising is not only growing but setting records in the specific key word targeted for search ads $12.5 billion last year. Local news portals across the country are providing key word search and compiling their own local data-bases to better serve their local businesses and home town citizens.
  America is addicted to oil, fighting oil addiction in Garner NC (Part One)
Renewable: It harnesses the energy of the sun and never run out.
Clean: There are no emissions, toxic or otherwise.
Reliable: A solar energy system can operate for 30 yeays without major maintenance.
Solar pays you back: On systems tied to grid, when extra electricity is generated, it can
be returned to the electric company with the customer receiving financial compensation.
It's like selling back to the electric company and you profit.
  Start A Resume Writing Business In Garner NC (Part Four Of Four)
Your company’s reputation as a leader in the publishing of
educational materials impresses me, and I would like to explore
the possibilities of becoming a part of your sales force.

I’m currently a top-producing salesman, but feel stymied with my
present employment. I think I could do much better with a company
receptive to innovative ideas and energetic people such as

Could we get together and discuss the possibilities of my joining
your organization in some capacity that would utilize my
abilities to a greater extent, and at the same time benefit your
  How To Write A Powerful Sales Letter For Your Business In Garner NC
There is one more special touch which has been proven to get
results, and the fact that mail order people especially use this
touch an awful lot proves its effectiveness.

This is the personal sales letter, hand-written which is
attached to the major sales letter. And it can be done in one
or two ways. Either leave a couple of inches at the top of the
for handwritten messages, or affix a 3x5 Scotch Post-It
note to the top of the letter.
  Can you still earn a lot of money in real estate in Garner NC and surrounding Towns? Part Two Of Two
When discouraging elements occur, minimize your losses by
whatever means available. Don’t throw away money on repairs for
poorly located property or in an area of surplus rental units.

Before you attempt to sell, find out how the prospect can use the
property profitably. Ask yourself if you would purchase it if you
were in the prospect’s shoes. Ask yourself if the future use will
fit any of the many types of specific businesses. Can a hospital,
a bank, an apartment complex, condominium or professional
building be located on the property.
6. Don’t expect police to make arrests for minor offenses
that are not occurring when they arrive. Police must
usually observe any minor violations in order to make an
arrest. Reports must be written, witnesses interviewed ,
evidence reviewed and warrants obtained. Felonies may be
a different matter. If you point to a fleeing suspect and
say “he just robbed me” or “he just broke into my house”,
there will probably be an arrest made if the suspect can
be caught.
Many business people love running their businesses but hate the financial record keeping necessary for smooth day-to-day operation. But failure to keep careful records can cause problems at tax time and whenever else a clear financial picture of the business is needed. If you have experience in bookkeeping or accounting, helping business people to keep their books can be an excellent way to make money with your computer.

With spread sheet software like Symphony or Lotus 1-2-3, you can keep detailed records of clients books, take care of billing, prepare balance sheets and financial reports, and keep the client aware of his or her financial standing. (Clients will really be impressed if you use graphic software like Harvard Graphics to prepare charts and graphs that show the financial status of their business.)
  Chain Letters, What You Should Know And Do.
Any kind of letter, but specifically chain letters, that require
you to send money to a “printing headquarters” for so many
copies of the letter you received in order for you to get in on
the “big deal”, with your name and address imprinted - is
selling you printing services! They don’t care whether you ever
make a sale, or even if you never mail out one of the letters
they’re so willing to print up for you - they make their money
up-front by furnishing you with printed paper!
  How To Collect A Bad Debt in Garner NC.
Should you still not receive payment or any word from your debtor, send still another letter - your third - in which you apply a bit more pressure and appeal to his sense of fair play. Mention his credit rating and let him know that if he doesn’t pay, you’ll be forced to turn his account over to a collection agency - however, never make threats you don’t intend to carry out.

Finally, two weeks after you’ve sent out your third letter and you still haven’t heard from him, automatically turn his account over to a collection agency.
  Making Your Own Baby Food In Garner NC
Try making your own applesauce and pearsauce; don’t add any
sugar, as these fruits are sweet enough on their own. You can
also peel peaches, plums and apricots and boil or steam them.

Use fresh vegetables whenever possible in order to provide the
best nutrition and flavor for your baby. Frozen vegetables are
better to use than canned. Steaming vegetables is the best
method of preparation. Carrots and sweet potato are two popular
choices to begin with.
  A Guide Business Credit for Women, Minorities, and Small Businesses(part four)

financial institutions. Any questions concerning a particular

financial institution should be directed to its enforcement


State Member Banks of the Federal Reserve System

Division of Consumer and Community Affairs

Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System

20th & Constitution Avenue, NW

Washington, D.C. 20551

(202) 452-3946

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  Can you still earn a lot of money in real estate in Garner NC and surrounding Towns?
There is a difference between a land speculator and an investor.
A speculator buys land with the intention to make a quick sale
and fast profits and will not hold land for a long period of
time. An investor, on the other hand, looks for a long time gain,
and usually buys only what he can afford to keep for an
indefinite period of time.
  How To Purchase Your Dream Home In Garner North Carolina(Part Two Of Two)

It only requires a simple search to find great real estate buys that require no down payments or credit checks. You can start your search by picking up newspapers in and around the area you are interested in. Then carefully review the classified real estate ads and begin contacting both home owners and real estate agents. Don’t be afraid to call agents! They might provide the lead that leads you to your dream home. Keep a list of your contacts and note the results. Make a minimum of 3-4 contacts every day. You will know who the really motivated sellers are through conversation. Then, if you are interested, take advantage of the situation and follow through.
  Start A Local Garner NC Delivery Service.
Have some business cards printed and leave them with every business or potential customer you can. If you can’t afford business cards, get a rubber stamp and make your own (use the same stamp to “imprint” your receipts).

Print copies of your rates where you can. Call on businesses in the area and ask them to try your services. Inform the Garner NC Chamber of Commerce, banks, real estate offices and the bus station (many packages come in there and some may need transportation) of your services. Leave your name and number with travel agencies, depots and furniture stores.
Once you start listing and planning what to do, carry out your plans,
and you’ll find plenty of “extra time” for handling virtually any kind of
home-based income producing project. People in general may not like
routines or schedules, but without some sort of plan as to what is
supposed to be done, the world would be mired in mass confusion. Laws,
ordinances and regulations are for the purpose of guiding people. We live
according to an accepted plan or way of life, and the better we can organize
ourselves, the more productive and happy we become.
  Dealing with a federal tax audit in Garner NC (Part Two Of Two)
Since child care is often paid in cash. If you have a large claim for
child-care expenses, be sure to document it carefully. Get receipts.

Charitable contributions are carefully checked. For your protection, always ask for receipts to back your claims.

Also, handle auto and entertainment deductions carefully.

If your return has been examined in one of the two previous years for the
same items they are questioning this year and that audit resulted in no
extra payment, you can call the IRS. The audit will likely be suspended.

Once the computer kicks out your return for audit, will you automatically
be audited? No. Your return is reviewed by IRS employees, and they make
the final decision on whether or not to audit your return.
Start thinking about the idea of inviting investors to share in
your business as silent partners. Think about the idea of
obtaining financing for a primary business by arranging financing
for another business that will support the start-up,
establishment and developing of the primary business. Consider
the feasibility of merging with a company that’s already
organized, and with facilities that are compatible or related to
your needs. Give some thought to the possibilities of getting the
people supplying your production equipment to co-sign the loan
you need for start-up capital.
  Start A Information Service By Reading And Clipping News in Garner NC.
The next step is simply to start clipping articles that mention or
talk about specific companies or people. File your clippings in envelopes
or boxes according to industries or types of businesses, by company name
and also according to the names of the people mentioned.

Once you have ten or more clippings that talk about a particular
company or person, put them in an envelope and send them to that company’s
owner or public relations director. You should include a short letter with
the clippings explaining your service and fees. One the next page is a
letter format you can use for your own business:
  Start A Resume Writing Business In Garner NC (Part Two Of Four)
Aside from an ad in the newspaper, and perhaps a similar one in
your area shoppers’ papers, the only other advertising efforts
you should worry about are those that don’t cost money—free
bulletin board announcements, radio and television talk show
interviews, and low cost flyers, circulars or brochures that
describe your services.
  Start A Resume Writing Business In Garner NC (Part Three Of Four)
After the interview, you need to interpret your notes and type
the information into a resume. This would be easy because you’ve
gathered the details in sequence with your resume format.
Familiarity with format writing style makes the task of putting
everything into finished form quite simple.

At the very least, a quick course in resume writing will be
necessary. Check out a book on the subject from your local
library. The important thing to remember is to drop the “I’s” and
write in a kind of note taking reportorial style:
  Start A Resume Writing Business In Garner NC (Part One Of Four)
To get in to see the person doing the hiring nowadays, the job
applicant has to “sell the short-stopper,” and that calls for a
professionally written resume. More and more firms are demanding
resumes. Industry estimates are that by the year 2000, most of
the jobs worth having will require a written resume before even
an initial interview is granted.
  Become A “Relocation Consultant” In Garner NC
The most important issue in any relocation is where your client will
reside in their new city or state. Some clients buy a home in the new
city before they move. Others prefer to rent, giving themselves enough
time to become familiar with the area before buying a house.
Most relocation consultants receive their commission from the real estate
agent. However, if your client wants to rent, as opposed to immediately
buying a home, the company relocating your client will more than likely
pick up the tab, usually equal to one month’s rent.
  Develop A Worldwide Distribution Network In Garner NC. (Part Two Of Two)
Some sellers charge $1 to $5 for details and complete dealership
set-up to offset the cost of the initial seller’s kit and
postage. This is what is recommended at the start. If you offer
your program for nothing, you’ll get as many responses from
curiosity seekers and opportunity collectors as from bona fide
  Develop A Worldwide Distribution Network In Garner NC. (Part One Of Two)
Let’s use this example of a $10 book that costs you $1.50 to
produce in lots of 1,000. For people who buy from you in lots of
100 copies, you could cut your profit to $1 per book, sell it to
them for $2.50 per book, and let them do all the advertising, as
well as the selling. Don’t offer more than 50% on single copy
dropship sales, because you’ll have to furnish this type of
dealer with selling materials, and continue to do most of the
advertising yourself.
  The Power Of Local Targeted Key Word Adverting(2)
From crafter to Home builder, woodworking to sewing, flea market to farmers market, small businesses are getting their chance to compete with the big companies in free and paid advertising online in the local market and world wide.
Heat 1 teaspoon corn oil in a pan.

Add 1/4 pound beef liver and fry on both sides until cooked but
not dry inside.

Add 1/2 cup water to the pan and mix it up with all the brown

For dogs, cut the liver into pieces and serve; for cats, grind
the liver in a blender, using the pan juices.
2 cups whole wheat flour 2 tsp. garlic powder
2 cups white flour 1 cup skim milk powder
2 eggs water
1/2 cup melted beef or pork drippings (or lard)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Mix ingredients together with
enough water to make a stiff dough. Roll out and cut into
Christmas shapes. Bake on cookie sheet until hard.


1 1/2 cups rolled oats 1/4 cup vegetable oil
  How To Provide A Typesetting Service In Garner NC
If you have a computer, it can be much easier, especially if you
have a laser printer and a good graphics program or word
processor. Use your graphics program to do the layout steps
above. You can add clip-art in the computer, or manually, after
printing the ad. You won’t have to worry about reducing the ad
on a photocopier, as you can do that within your graphics
program. Plus, printing extra copies is a snap. Most graphics
programs will let you “copy and stamp,” which means making a copy
of what you have made (your ad), and stamping it elsewhere on the
screen. Hence, you can make your fifteen copies all on one page
and print them once, quickly and easily. And, your typesetting
will look super-professional! For more information on exactly
how to do this, send $8 to Pat Flanagan Publishing & Design, 540
Imus, Mishawaka, IN 46545 and ask for the “Mail-Order Computer”
report. You’ll also find out the best system setup to get, if
you don’t already have a computer.
  A Single Website to Find and Apply for Federal Grants
The search capabilities that are built into the site make finding grants faster and researching grants more efficient. By subscribing to the email update service, when new grants matching your specified interests are posted, email notifications are sent to the subscriber—including the title, the agency name and a link which can take them right to the grant. These features make keeping on top of newly available grants of interest to grant applicant organizations a matter of minutes a day.
Unfortunately, grant dollars are susceptible to fraud, waste and abuse. Using federal grant dollars for unjust enrichment, personal gain or other than their intended use is a form of theft, subject to criminal and civil prosecution under the laws of the United States.
You may also want to investigate the possibility of some
other relatively new computer-based businesses such as
desktop video production, an export agency, a medical
transcription service, real estate appraisal service, and a
temporary-help service. All of these services are
experiencing increased demand, and present home-based
entrepreneurs with above average profit potential.
  Succeed with a Money Making Ad Sheet in local NC (Part Two Of Two)

As with any business, your ultimate success depends on your own
feasibility studies, and your “sharp-pencil” planning completed
before you order your first issue printed. Think about it,
weigh the pro’s and con’s, then go with your decision.
Garner NC City Guide And Free Classifieds Ads Directory
  How To Teach Your Child Right From Wrong
12 - 17 YEARS

These are normally rebellious years for most teenagers. In
fact, teenagers who never rebel are probably in emotional
trouble. As a parent you must weather the storm when your
teenager begins to question and test conventional values, rules
and beliefs. If you’ve instilled a sense of values at an early
age, chances are he still retains many of those ideas. Try to
keep lines of communication open and don’t push the panic
button. If communication does break down and tensions mount
considerably, seek professional help.
  Dealing with a federal tax audit in Garner NC (Part One Of Two)
You will have to gather up all your receipts and other documents and make
sure they are in order. Be sure they are orderly and understandable. Your
tax preparer will likely have to find things for the auditor. It is also a
good idea to go through the records and recalculate. Check the
mathematics. Check transfers of figures from one record to another. Check
your deductions, in particular. If you find you made a gross error when
your reported, let your tax preparer know. He will take care of letting
the auditor know.
  Easy Business For Automobile Buffs In Garner NC. (Part Three Of Three.
 You can buy
a lot of junkers this way and cannibalize them for needed parts
on other cars at low cost, and enhance the value of a car about
to die to the point where you can sell it at substantial profit.
Like most business entrepreneurs, Bev started out “needing to
make a living,” and she wanted to combine her love of going to
flea markets with creative, artistic urges. She also had a
curiosity about the ability to manufacture interesting game
pieces. While she comes up with her signature creations, Jim
perfects ever-sturdier ways of fastening pieces together
  Manage Your Home Business Cash Flow (Part Two Of Three)
Now, many small businesses neglect to reconcile their monthly bank
statements or assume that the bank never makes a mistake. Banks do make
mistakes, and you must stay on top of your disbursement to control your
cash flow. If you are one of those people who simply can’t stand to
balance you check book, you can use a bank’s standard account reconcilement
services for a low monthly price — $30 to $70 base charge and 5 to 7
cents a check. When is it best to use a bank’s reconcilement service?
Here are six suggestions
  How To Conduct A Successful Garage Sale At your Home In Garner NC
Advertising. Run an ad in your daily newspaper. If you run your
ad one day only, have it in the Thursday paper. You might like to
run the ad two days to appear in both the Thursday and Friday
editions. If your sale runs through Saturday, your sale is about
over before the paper hits the street on Saturday. Therefore,
2-day advertising is usually adequate unless your sale is
continued late Saturday night and through Sunday
We try to offer our customers helpful and useful info, and or point them in the right direction to get the information.
Venture investors are usually quite familiar with “high risk”
proposals, yet they all want to minimize that risk as much as
possible. Therefore, your prospectus should include a listing of
your business and personal assets with documentation—usually
copies of your tax returns for the past three years or more. Your
prospective investor may not know anything about you or your
business, but if he wants to know, he can pick up his telephone
and know everything there is to know within 24 hours. The point
here is, don’t ever try to “con” a potential investor. Be honest
with him. Lay all the facts on the table for him. In most cases,
if you’ve got a good idea and you’ve done your homework properly,
and “interested investor” will understand your position and offer
more help than you dared to ask.
  Create Your Own Home Shopping Show In Garner NC
The idea is to present uncommon products that appeal to your target market.
These products may be from different manufacturers or importers who will give
you the exclusive rights to market their products on television.

You can charge these manufacturers a base fee for featuring their products on
your Home Shopping Show. Considering that their exposure on TV will give
their products visibility that can help their regular retail and other
marketing efforts, a base fee for their participation is essential and
  How To Purchase Your Dream Home In Garner North Carolina(Part One Of Two)
AGE OF AUTOMOBILE - No auto is a low score, but the newer the vehicle
the higher the score.

DEPENDENTS - One to three indicates responsibility and stability. After
three, points drop rapidly.

CITIZENSHIP STATUS - Non-citizens receive negative points.

BANK ACCOUNTS - You receive high points if you have a checking and
savings account.

will earn you more points.

CREDIT CARDS - The more major credit cards you have the better.

BANK LOANS - A current bank loan will increase your score.

FINANCE COMPANY LOANS - You will receive negative points for each
finance company loan.
  Manage Your Home Business Cash Flow (Part Two Of Three)
Now, many small businesses neglect to reconcile their monthly bank
statements or assume that the bank never makes a mistake. Banks do make
mistakes, and you must stay on top of your disbursement to control your
cash flow. If you are one of those people who simply can’t stand to
balance you check book, you can use a bank’s standard account reconcilement
services for a low monthly price — $30 to $70 base charge and 5 to 7
cents a check. When is it best to use a bank’s reconcilement service?
Here are six suggestions:
  Turn Your Personal Computer Into A Money-Making Machine,by Storing; Printed Reports On Disk
. You can BUY your own self-published materials by acquiring the
best-selling reports and manuals that are available in the market
today, including the right to resell and reprint. That’s right.
You save the hassle of writing your own reports. You simply pay
the full retail price, which will include the right to reprint
the items you bought!
The third thing to look out for in seed is viability. We know from our testings that seeds which look to the eye to be all right may not develop at all. There are reasons. Seeds may have been picked before they were ripe or mature; they may have been frozen; and they may be too old. Seeds retain their viability or germ developing power, a given number of years and are then useless. There is a viability limit in years which differs for different seeds.
The place for a flower garden is generally at the side or rear of the house. The backyard garden is a lovely idea, is it not? Who wishes to leave a beautiful looking front yard, turn the corner of a house, and find a dump heap? Not I. The flower garden may be laid out formally in neat little beds, or it may be more of a careless, hit-or-miss sort. Both have their good points. Great masses of bloom are attractive.
For applying poison powders, the home gardener should supply himself with a powder gun. If one must be restricted to a single implement, however, it will be best to get one of the hand-power, compressed-air sprayers. These are used for  applying wet sprays, and should be supplied with one of the several forms of mist-making  nozzles, the non-cloggable automatic type being the best. For more extensive work a barrel pump, mounted on wheels, will be desirable, but one of the above will do a great deal of work in little time. Extension rods for use in spraying trees and vines may be obtained for either. For operations on a very small scale a good hand-syringe may be used, but as a general thing it will be best to invest a few dollars more and get a small tank sprayer, as this throws a continuous stream or spray and holds a much larger amount of the spraying solution. Whatever type is procured, get a brass machine it will out-wear three or four of those made of cheaper metal, which succumbs very quickly to the, corroding action of the strong poisons and chemicals used in them.
  How to Craft Porcelain Doll Aprons
Apron making is created in a few methods, which include cutting out the “shoulder straps” and the waistline per outline or pattern. You want to crisscross when stitching along the thin edges of the lace. Continue stitching to the middle edges at the back and bring the right edges collectively to open the apron at the back middle. Now you can fold the lace, press and add a couple of lines while collecting the stitches near the edges of the crown of your kilt. Gather and pull up the fitted kilt, collecting it to meet the waist and compare the middle front as well as the notch. Make sure the gathered area is even. Stitch collectively and brush the seams whilst using the crisscross method to complete your task.
  Assembling the Crown of your Crafty Quilt
At the lower region of your basket, affix your blooms so that they join with the handles. Now, snip your lighter shades of filaments/strands, and shades of pink (6) silkworm fibers (Floss), cutting lengthwise so that it is corresponding with the measurements lengthwise of your arm. You want to create strands (3) on each section of fiber. Divide and use needle and thread (large eye needle) along with the length of your three filaments and stitch so that it forms a circle. You are making your granny knots, to create the French version that will stretch about your center flower and the dark flowers you have created.
  A Growing Interest In Gourd Arts And Crafts In Local NC.
In an interview with “Ken Hardee” the vice president of {NORTH CAROLINA GOURDS SOCIETY} said it’s not expensive to start growing and crafting gourds, if you got a few tools or you may have to invest in a good set of tools and it depended on what you plan to do with the gourds. Ken Hardee and his wife Kathy have been in gourd crafting for (7) seven years and with the North Carolina Gourd Society for (6) six years.

I ask Ken what got him into carving gourds or gourd crafts? He said his wife Kathy went out and purchased a Jack-O-Lantern for the holiday and told her he could carve that, (the jack-o-lantern) and he did and been carving every since.
  How To Avoid Being Arrested In Garner NC
Keep your prescription drugs in the proper, labeled
container. Do not dump all your different prescription drugs
in one container. If you give a police officer a chance to
notice such a package, you’re asking for a very long delay in
your schedule while things are checked out. Next to traffic
accidents, drugs in vehicles get more passengers in trouble
than just about anything. Example: It’s midnight and you are
riding as a passenger your friend’s car. He is stopped by
the police for speeding. He reaches into the center console
where he keeps his license.

Once you have got a mini-catalog with which to advertise your books, you must bring all your efforts to bear on the problem of obtaining maximum circulation of your mini-catalog among the prospective book buyers.


Because smoking is a form of addiction, 80 percent of smoker who quit usually experience some withdrawal symptoms. These may include headache, light-headedness, nausea, diarrhea, and chest pains. Psychological symptoms, such as anxiety, short-term depression, and inability to concentrate, may also appear. The main psychological symptom is increased irritability. People become so irritable, in fact, that they say they feel “like killing somebody.” Yet there is no evidence that quitting smoking leads to physical violence.

“book reviewer.” Offer to write a column for your local paper or online news portal for free. Once published,
Of course we hope to do some business from our own advertising also. How does the system work? After you place your advertising at the first time rate, you will receive a discount on all future advertising as long as you continue to co-publish that magazine. That discount on your ads and a commission on the others is usually 50%. In return for the discount, you are expected to mail a few copies - honestly. Include the copies in orders that you fill, big mails, or advertise them free for the postage.
Each source requires a self-addressed envelope, and two first-class postage stamps. Each list usually contains about 200 or more names:

Drive to just about any location and set up shop making and selling special entertainment ballooons. This “all-cash” business that draws people like a magnet, can earn you up to $500.00 per day. Everything you need to get started in this lucrative and highly profitable business is provided by this company. Write for free information to: AMERICAN SHOWCASE, Bridge Rd., Box 250, Alexandria Bay, NY 13607.


This company is seeking freelance personnel to sell items such as pens, pencils, stationery, calenndars, caps, etc. Write to: TOWER PRODUCTS, INC., P.O. Box 15184, Lenexa, KS 66215.

You can cancel or “surrender” the policy “in total or in part”
and receive the cash value as a lump sum of money. If you
surrender your policy in the early years, there may be little or
no cash value.l If you need to stop paying premiums, you can use
the cash value to continue your current insurance protection for
a specific period of time or to provide a lesser amount of
protection to cover you for as long as you live. Usually, you may
borrow from the insurance company, using the cash value in your
life insurance as collateral. Unlike loans from most financial
institutions, the loan is not dependent on credit checks or other
restrictions. You ultimately must repay any loan with interest or
your beneficiaries will receive a reduced death benefit.
What can I expect during an agent visit?
The agent you have selected will meet with you to discuss
your life insurance needs. He or she will ask questions about
family income and your net worth. Using the information you
already have assembled about your financial situation, you should
be prepared to discuss your insurance options
Here are a few tips to keep in mind about your life insurance
purchase:Take your time. On the other hand, don’t put off an
important decision that would protect your family. Make sure you
fully understand any policy you are considering and that you are
comfortable with the company, agent and product. Don’t rush into
a decision just because you are feeling pressured.When you
purchase a policy, make your check payable to the insurance
company, not to the agent. Be sure you are given a receipt.After
you have purchased an insurance policy, keep in mind that you may
have a “free-look” period usually 10 days after you receive the
policy during which you can change your mind. During that period,
read your policy carefully. If you decide not to keep the policy,
the company will cancel the policy and give you an appropriate
refund. Ask your agent.Review the copy of your application
contained in your policy. Promptly notify your agent or company
of any errors or missing information.If an agent or company
contacts you and wants you to cancel your current policy to buy a
new one, contact your original agent or company before making any
decisions. Surrendering your policy to buy another could be very
costly to you.
D & K Enterprises Inc., 3216 Commander #101, Carrollton, TX 75006
Donicker’s Prints, RR 1 Box 102CC, Roseville, IL 61473
Dreamscapes, 2140 E. 7th Pl. #1, Los Angeles, CA 90021
McBud Flower Centers, 507 Hayworth Cir., High Point, NC 27262
N. B. Nelson Co., PO Box 999, Whitefish, MT 59937
National Balloon Centers, 14108 E. Firestone Blvd., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
The first sentence of the essay is not clear because of
the use of grow for growth. The first sentence of any essay is
the most important one because it states what the rest of the
paper will say. This sentence should be very clear. In the
second sentence, there is no reason or rule for the commas
after “unplugged” and “beings.” If you don’t know a rule for
the comma, leave it out. Also in the second sentence, the use
of “fun things” is too casual or colloquial compared to the
rest of the words in the essay. Colloquial expressions may be
misunderstood by a reader, so don’t use them. The next sentence
which starts with “Television offers” is actually two sentences
or complete ideas joined together by the comma after
“programs.” This mistake shows that the writer is not sure
about what a sentence really is. Then are other mistakes like
these in the rest of the essay.

Which of the following electric appliances would best
illustrate an application of the above statement?

(1) mixer

(2) clock

(3) vacuum

(4) toaster

(5) fan

Correct Answer: 4
Difficulty Level: Easy

Many of the questions in the Science Test, like this one,
provide a scientific principle, followed by a question or
problem regarding its application. Only one of the appliances
named in the options–the toaster–uses heat produced by the
electric current in the wire. In this sense, the toaster best
illustrates an application of the principle. All of the
appliances named in the other options contain wires which
undoubtedly release heat, but the heat is a by-product and not
central to the intended purpose of the appliance.


Many of the questions on the Interpreting Literature and
the Arts Test are like this one: they require you show that you
understand an important idea contained in the selection. The
idea may or may not be directly stated in the selection.

The information needed to answer this question is
contained mainly in the first paragraph of the selection, where
the author comments briefly on what drew people away from the
small towns. It is here in the first paragraph that the author
refers to the way the cities lured people away from the small

As stated in option (3), big cities drew people away from
the towns for many reasons; the way small towns were referred
to in writings of the time was only one of the reasons. Option
(3) is the best answer because only this answer offers the
major reason.

2. How does the

Organize your essay as a direct answer to the topic
assigned. Your essay should state your answer and then
explain why you answered the way you did.

— Be sure your explanation supports your answer. For
example, if you were writing on the topic on page 6 in
this Bulletin and your essay included the statement that
too much television is bad for children, you should
provide reasons and examples that show how television
harms children.

— Use details and examples that show the reader what, why,
and how. The more convincing your essay is, the more
effective it is. Whatever the specific subject of the
essay question may be, think of your essay as an attempt
to convince the reader of the correctness of your



Pets and animals add up to a multi-billion dollar business in America. What animal and pet owners spend every year on food, grooming, pet-sitting, pet-walking, health products, and accessories is staggering. Offer your services as a pet and animal photographer and they will buy that also. There are freelance photographers who make a good living just going from one show to another that features horses, cats and dogs. Get in touch with your local veterinarian, who should be able to provide you with the names and addresses of sponsors for the various shows and organizations.

  Where To Place Tiny Classified Ads … That Pull Like Crazy!
4. Grier’s Almanac 3,011,680 Annually
P.O. Box 888281
Atlanta, GA 30356
5. Field & Stream 2,000,000 Monthly
Two Park Ave
New York, NY 10016-5695
6. Classified, Inc. 25,000,000+ Monthly
100 E. Ohio Street, Suite 632
Chicago, IL 60611
7. Grit 330,496 10 times/yr
Stauffer’s Magazine Group
1503 S.W. 42nd St.
Topeka, KS 66609-1265
8. Capper’s 353,422 26 times/yr
Stauffer’s Magazine Group
1503 S.W. 42nd St.
Topeka, KS 66609-1265
9. Popular Science 1,861,155 Monthly
2 Park Ave.
New York, NY 10016
10. Popular Mechanics 1,633,210 Monthly
224 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019
11. The Workbasket 2,726,000 6 times/yr
700 West 47th St., Suite 310
Kansas City, MO 64112
12. Home Mechanix 1,003,244 Monthly
2 Park Ave.
  Lost or Stolen: Credit and ATM Cards

Purchasing a card registration may be a convenience to you, but
it is not required by card issuers. The FCBA and the EFTA give
you the right to contact credit card companies and ATM card
issuers directly in the event of loss or suspected unauthorized

  Turn Newspapers Into Cash In Garner NC
Start the circular with your clipped headlines, finish the body of your circular with your typewriter.
Most people do not know that you are NOT required to register the copyright with the copyright
 YOU CAN DO IT TOO. I don’t guarantee you will make $100,000 a year selling names, but you can easily make $100 each and every week if you follow these simple instructions.
Companies who sell products are always looking for a sales incentive to give away. They use this techniques to entice people into their retaail establishment, or as a promotional item to give away when the customer buys their product. For example, let’s say your local video store has a sign that says, “Rent 3 videos, and get our report, “How To Make Money With Postcards … 65 Easy Postage FREE Moneymaking Methods Revealed!” FREE! Get the idea? He will rent more videos and he can also build his (and your downline) Places to consider are:
Literature racks are perfect for distributing your literature. Do you have any of those public literature rack areas in your large super markets?
  Getting News And Advertising On Local Online News Portals
Local citizens, businesses, non-profits and small start-up businesses are reaping the rewards from being able to advertise and promote their products and services online with amazing results or ROI in a higher percentage. This more powerful and economical way for small business owners to reach more potential customers and contacts has given online news portal more credibility in the last two years.
  Business Credit for Women, Minorities, and Small Businesses (part one)
They can

provide interim working capital for a business temporarily in

need of cash, and are typically repaid in a lump sum when

inventory or accounts receivable are converted into cash.

Intermediate-term loans are often used for a business

start-up, the purchase of new equipment, expansion, or an

increase in working capital. The maturity dates range from one

to three years.

  A Guide Business Credit for Women, Minorities, and Small Businesses(part three)
 with time

and more attention to these areas, you can improve your proposal

as a result and may succeed the next time you apply.

Women and minority applicants may be concerned that they

have received less favorable treatment which is unrelated to

their creditworthiness. All business applicants have certain

protections against unlawful discrimination under the Equal

Credit Opportunity Act. The Act makes it illegal for lenders to

deny your loan application, discourage you from applying for a

loan, or give you less favorable terms than another applicant

because you are a woman or a minority group member.

 More helpful articles here

  A Guide Business Credit for Women, Minorities, and Small Businesses(part two)

Before you approach a lender, you might want to seek the

advice of another, more experienced "set of eyes" to review your

business proposal, particularly if you are a first-time

borrower. By doing so, you'd be getting the loan package in

shape to make it easier for the lender to reach a favorable

credit decision. There are some business support groups whose

members could counsel you on how your package looks. A qualified

counselor might even discover that you really don't need more

  Easy Business For Automobile Buffs In Garner NC. (Part Two Of Three.

When you advertise your service, keep your prices reasonable
compared to a regular mechanic. Tell your customer in your
advertising that you are an expert in one specific make and
model and probably better than a corner mechanic, and that you
provide custom service without cutting corners.

An excellent way to advertise is to place small leaflets on the
windshields of cars you specialize in. People are always looking
for reliable mechanic they can use for regular service and your
leaflets will often be tacked on bulletin boards for handy
access when service is needed.

  Easy Business For Automobile Buffs In Garner NC. (Part One Of Three.
Items to keep on hand are: polymer fills such as Armor-All and
Blue Poly for upgrading plastic and paint; spray upholstery
shampoo, the best you can get tire cleaning compound, and engine
shampoo. Another handy item might be a pressure nozzle for
common garden hose that will convert it into a high-power
sprayer for underbody cleaning

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