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Wooden birdhouses and bird feeders In Raleigh NC
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Organic Grown in NC Trees, Plants, Shrubs and Prenennial Flowers


All our  birdhouses, bird-feeders and butterfly houses

come with a 30 days return policy.  

Please Note:  That these handcrafted wooden items are

not massed produced, they are handmade, one at a time,

in our small shop here in Raleigh NC USA. Our wooden

birdhouses and bird feeders are made from the very best

woods and plywood that are for exterior use for all our

outside products. We use waterproof glues and sealers to

make sure our handi-crafts, including our outside

furniture and other wooden crafts to endure and stay

in good condition in wet, hot, cold and all harsh weather. 

  • Octagon Wooden Birdhouses
  • Square and Octagon Bird-Feeders
  • Barn Birdhouses and Barn Bird-feeders
  • Small Hanging Bird feeders
  • Wooden Benches and Tables
  • Church Birdhouses and Bird feeders
  • plastic spears finials 
  • cast iron spears finials 
  • Local Dry Herbs and Spices, Coming Soon!
  • Judy's Handcrafted All Natural Soaps Made In Raleigh NC

Bluebird Houses are tools-and-things own design and will be added this Fall.

We do Special Orders !

At peak times (April-July, we may get overwhelmed orders

that leave us temporary out of stock or I may have

discontinued an item before taking it off our website.

In this case call me. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your

order to be filled, processed and shipped if the

products you order is out-of-stock. 

Our metal top bird houses (copper and

aluminum) have extra thick wood for more insulated tops

to help from over heatingduring our hotter than normal Springs. We use only woods that

hold-up year round and is harmless to human and animals.<br><br> 



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A few helpful tips on feeding wild birds in North Carolina, and most of the USA.

  • Bluebirds like platform feeders with millet, fruit, and mill worms in a bluebird feeder
  • Cardinals like Striped sunflower seeds, in a platform feeder and also peanuts, fruit, and suet feeders
  • Chickadees like tube feeders with black oil sunflower seeds, suet feeders, platform feeders with peanuts
  • Finches like tube feeders with black oil sunflowers seeds, platform feeders with peanuts, tube feeders with niger
  • Doves like platform feeders with millet, corn, and peanuts.
  • Grackles like platform feeders with peanuts
  • Grosbeaks like striped,and all sunflower seeds including black oil sunflower seeds in any kind of feeder
  • Hummingbirds love nectar feeders with sugar water
  • Jays like platform feeders with corn, peanuts and fruit
  • Juncos like platform feeders with corn and peanuts
  • Nuthatches love tube feeders with black oil sunflower seeds and suet feeders
  • Orioles like nectar bfeeders with sugar water and fruit
  • Pheasants will eat from a platform feeder with corn supplied
  • Pigeons eat more than bread crumbs tossed from a park bench, they like platform feeders with corn and millet
  • Quail like platform feeders with corn
  • Sparrows like platform feeders with millet and peanuts

            Attracting Butterflies

Butterflies are one of the most beautiful and fascinating insects in the world.  These flying beauties arrive as caterpillars, munching on leaves and the forming a chrysalis in which to transform.  The leaf nibbling may be a nuisance at first, but rest assured the caterpillars will not move on to your prized roses.  They much prefer aster,milkweed, and citrus.

If you grow a wildflower garden or a natural growing space with native North Carolina or plants and flowers native to the area you are in, then it would be to your advantage to let few milkweeds grow in this space. This will be a great help for your efforts to attract butterflies to your landscape. 

As adults, these insects bloom into beautiful creatures that spread beauty as well be inadvertently pollinating flowers as they feed on the nectar.  People have become enchanted by butterflies.  Their vibrant color and acrobatic flight is often enough for people to tempt them into their gardens.

One of the best ways to maintain butterflies in your garden is by hanging or posting a butterfly house among the butterflies favorite flowers.  Attract them with black-eyed Susan, aster, butterfly bush, a butterfly nectar feeder, or other favorite flowers.  The house you mount should mimic a butterfly's natural hiding places, such as rock crevices, wood piles of loose tree bark.  Butterflies may hide in these boxes to escape the cold, a summer storm, or predators.

You may attract even more flying beauties by offering a refreshing dish of water.  They often prefer wet sand or shallow mud puddles, so a shallow sand-filled dish with a rock edging makes a great sanctuary where your butterflies may drink and bask in the daytime sun.  By placing a few small accoutrements in your garden,you will invite butterflies, year after year. 

Judy's Handcrafted All Natural Soaps

Soaps made from natural ingredients, most are grown here in North Carolina. Herbal soaps from recipes from 1889 - 2013 upgraded recipes with the right fragrance, cleaning, exfoliating, moisturizing and for a variety of ailments. Judy handcrafts each and every bar cold and hot process, with 19th Centenary recipes that we upgrade to 21st centenary chemistry. Judy use the very best soap making product on the market, with what we grow and make ourselves.